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Key Talks: Interview with May Mahboob

Investment and advisory in the Metaverse, MBD Financials' Role in the Metaverse ecosystem, diversity and female representation in the industry.

Mark Galkevich
September 15, 2023
Key Talks

May Mahboob, co-Founder Of MBD Financials, Investor, Global Top 100 Women Of The Future In Emerging Tech

As the Co-Founder of MBD Financials, could you share some insights into how MBD Financials is contributing to the growth and development of the metaverse ecosystem?

MBD Financials operates as a solutions builder, diligently addressing the significant challenges within the defi, web3, and metaverse domains. Our vision is centered on bridging the gap between web2 and web3, with a keen focus on delivering immersive and universally accessible experiences. By strategically merging the tangible and virtual worlds, we are underscoring the unparalleled benefits of their synergy. Our cohesive platform has been designed to simplify user interactions in the ever-evolving metaverse and web3 spaces. A cornerstone of our approach is promoting global access, ensuring that our solutions resonate universally and dismantle any accessibility barriers. In our journey, we’ve been pivotal in amplifying the digital economy, enhancing transactional efficiency, and fortifying security mechanisms. Moreover, we’re fervently guiding organizations toward recognizing and harnessing the game-changing potential of web3 integration.

You’re described as a “Metaverse Warrior.” What inspired your passion for the metaverse, and how has your journey in this space evolved over time?

My passion in the digital realm has always been about more than just building. It’s about the fusion of innovation and purpose. Witnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology, Web3, and gamified interactions, I saw a compelling vision for the future. Take, for instance, platforms like Roblox, which is a great successful use-case that exemplifies the convergence of creator and user economies. It was these insights and the vast potential of such platforms that led to the birth of MBD Financials. We aim to harness these very concepts and channel them to bring meaningful change to individual lives. I call my self the “Metaverse Warrior” because it signifies my belief in the metaverse’s potential to forge an inclusive and decentralized future. I’m driven to not only advocate for but also craft solutions that matter, pushing the boundaries of technology and accelerating its adoption for the benefit of all. Every stride we take at MBD Financials is a step towards that brighter, boundless future.

As an investor and advisor, what specific metaverse-related projects or technologies have you found most promising, and what criteria do you use to identify opportunities in this rapidly evolving field?

‍When I assess potential ventures in the metaverse and the evolving web3 arena, I have a few guiding principles. First and foremost, I’m on the lookout for genuine innovation paired with a crystal-clear vision. The ability to scale up and integrate seamlessly across various platforms is also high on my checklist. Ofcourse, a key factor is also the strength of the team driving the project and the level of engagement within its community. This often paints a picture of a project’s potential for success. I closely examine whether the project has a well-defined, achievable roadmap and the adaptability needed to thrive in the ever-changing web3, metaverse, and DeFi landscapes. But what truly excites me are initiatives that promise more than just profits; they should contribute positively to society by fostering inclusivity, education, and collaboration. I strongly believe that the commerce sector, encompassing consumer goods and innovative loyalty models, will play a pivotal role in propelling this technology into the mainstream and driving widespread adoption.

Being recognized as one of the Global Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech is a significant accomplishment. Can you discuss the role of diversity and female representation in shaping the metaverse industry?

Diversity and female representation are super important in shaping the metaverse industry. The metaverse, blockchain, and web3 are not exclusive to a select group; they’re platforms where every individual, regardless of gender or background, can bring a unique perspective. Historically, the tech world has been dominated by men, but the landscape is evolving, presenting opportunities for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to have a technical background to influence this emerging field. People from diverse professions, whether artists, business professionals, educators, or even the simply curious, can find their niche. The key is to amplify the narratives of successful women in the industry, provide targeted educational resources, and supportive communities. We can demonstrate that the metaverse is a realm where everyone, irrespective of their background or expertise, can contribute meaningfully and shape its trajectory.

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